Conversion Tables for Gold and Silver

Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium are all measured in a number of different units worldwide. However, the 'official' unit is Troy ounces, and the official measurement for the gold price is troy ounces in US Dollars. 

Converting Gold From Imperial to Metric Units

Within Europe, gold is measured primarily in metric units, or grams and kilograms. Conversions from metric to imperial units can be calculated as follows:

Metric to Imperial Conversions
1 Gram 0.032 Troy Ounces
1 Kilogram 32.15 Troy Ounces
1 Tonne 32150.7 Troy Ounces


Imperial to Metric Conversions
1 Troy Ounce 31.103 Grams
1 Troy Ounce 0.0311 Kilograms


Converting Gold From Imperial and Metric to Other Units

Worldwide there are a number of other units of measurement used for gold and silver bullion. These include the Mesghal, which is used in Iran, the Don, which is used in South Korea, the Chi, which is used in Vietnam, the Baht, which is used in Thailand, and the Tael, which is used in Hong Kong. The Tola is a regional unit of measurement that is used across Southeast Asia, and is also widely accepted in parts of the Middle East, including in the United Arab Emirates. Below you can find the conversions for these units into the imperial and the metric systems. 

Other Units Converted to Metric / Imperial System
1 Tola

0.375 Ounces

11.66 Grams

1 Tael

1.20 Ounces

37.429 Grams

1 Baht

15.24 Grams

0.49 Ounces

1 Chi

1 Cay / Luong

3.75 Grams

37.5 Grams

1 Don 3.75 Grams
1 Mesghal 4.6 Grams