Gold Price in CHF

The Swiss economy is easily one of the most stable free-market economies on the planet, and it utilizes several advanced economic structures to ensure it continues to grow with minimal risk. Combined with its stable gold market, this makes Switzerland's investment opportunities a solid option for most investors.

The Economy of Switzerland 

The Swiss economy is one of the world's most impressive economies. It's built on a highly advanced free market concept, and it has produced a labor force known for its highly skilled workers. The primary industries and exports of Switzerland are its world-renown manufacturing, chemical exports, financial advisory services, electronics, and metals. 

This varied economy helps safeguard Switzerland against the fluctuations of the global market, and it helps the country experience consistent growth. 

Furthermore, the country's metal exports place gold and other precious metals in high demand; driving up the gold price and ensuring pleasing ROIs for investors with both stacks and bonds. 

The Currency of Switzerland

Switzerland minted the first version of the Swiss Franc in 1757, but unlike today, it was simply a silver coin. Now, the Swiss Franc, or CHF for short, consists of both banknotes and coins. Banknotes are printed and distributed by the federal bank, and the Swiss Federal Mint creates and distributes all coins. 

The Swiss Franc was pegged to the Euro shortly after it attempted to join the EU in 1992. Switzerland maintained the peg despite never joining the EU until 2015 when the country suspended its peg due to what it called "instability". Now, the Swiss Franc is entirely a fiat currency and is unlikely to be pegged to anything else for the foreseeable future. 

However, the Euro is still recognized in Switzerland, and it is widely accepted.

The Swiss Franc's impressive value and history of unmatched stability make it a rather reliable fiat currency. 

Buying Gold in CHF

Buying gold manufactured in Switzerland is very popular. The high quality of Swiss refined bullion products are both recognized and sought after worldwide, and some of the top names in bullion refining are in Switzerland, including PAMP, Argor-Heraeus and Valcambi.  

Most gold manufactured in Switzerland is in the form of bars. These include bars available in gram and ounce denominations. Switzerland does not manufacture any gold coins, although it did previously circulate the Vreneli coin, which was a gold coin weighing 5.8 grams. Gold can be purchased in physical form, but investments can also be made in some of the companies processing gold. 

In Switzerland, gold is available from most major banks, and many Swiss citizens buy the yellow metal incrementally, in small quantities. Foreigners also enjoy purchasing bullion in Switzerland, as the country offers some of the most secure bullion storage options available.