Gold price in USD

The United States has one of the world's largest economies, a relatively reliable currency, and a consistently growing gold trading and investing market. Within the USA, investing in gold is often seen as a solid way to safeguard wealth and minimize asset losses due to fluctuations in other investment fields.

The Economy of the United States

The United States economy is one of the largest and richest in the world, and while certain projections see that changing, the economy has a solid track record of bouncing back. This has made investing in the United States fairly risk-free for a long period. However, gold is seen as a great option for weathering economic storms when the value of the dollar may not remain as stable.

This makes US gold investments a good option for international investors, too. The precious metal has consistently increased in price for decades, and the few dips it does see are typically short-lived. If you have the investment capital to buy US gold stocks or to hold gold in the United States, you're highly likely to make a respectable ROI. Furthermore, gold has high liquidity in the United States, and it's often extremely easy to sell when the time comes.

The Currency of the United States

The US Dollar, or USD as it's known on the Forex, is the most traded currency in the world. This is largely due to the impact the United States has on the larger global economy, the currency's ability to retain its value despite some fairly substantial economic impacts, and the lucrative investment opportunities that the United States offers.

As of the time of this writing, the US Dollar falls behind the Euro slightly in terms of value, but it still ranks higher in terms of how frequently it's traded.

Buying Gold in USD

The United States has an extremely developed gold investing market. This market includes physical bullion, mining stocks, and paper investments such as ETFs. The United States Mint is responsible for minting all precious metals coins on behalf of the US government. The United States currently mints two gold coins - the Gold Buffalo Coin and the Gold American Eagle coin. Both coins have a legal tender value of $50 USD, which means that they are guaranteed by the US government to that value.

One unique feature of bullion coins available in the USA is that they are required by law to be minted using gold that has been mined within the United States. 

America also has a well-established mining industry, ranging from small to large-cap companies. Most gold mining companies are publicly traded and can be invested in through the stock market. ETF's can also be purchased using most brokerage platforms.